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San Francisco Cable Car

A short personal recommendation for you if you wanna ride the cable car: You shouldn’t start at the first or last station. This mistake I unfortunately did….but for sure never again. You have to wait veeeery long. I recommend you to follow the line you want to go for at least 2-3 stations and hop […]

My Road Trip

Tomorrow… Finally…

Yehaaaa….finally my road trip (USA & CANADA) begins tomorrow. Starting and ending is in Los Angeles. My task: to have a f…ing great trip for a few weeks 😀That´s the good message…for me 😀 The not so good one is, that I will not carry my notebook with me as I first thought. It is […]


Less then 10 days to go for my next #ROADTRIP

6 WEEKS USA & CANADA Excitement is rising, and I should begin to prepare my packing list.Will try to carry not too much stuff with me, but 6 weeks could be a long time when you miss even a little item. And I have a lot of “little items”I wouldn’t miss 🙂 After landing in […]

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