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Test by mobile phone

Test by mobile phone

Unfortunately it seems it doesn’t work really good to create an article by an mobile phone. With the iOS app it isn’t really possible. But it seems on mobile browser it works…. at least the basics.

Will Test it further…


Trying now to find out if it is worth to invest time and energy in creating blog articles by my mobile phone.

So stay tuned…. to be continued


Well, nevertheless a short personal recommendation even if the test by mobile phone doesn’t work proper 😀

Arrived in San Francisco, I visited some places and surfed the Cable Car 😀

If you also wanna do it, you shouldn’t start at the first or last station. This mistake I unfortunately did….but for sure never again 😀

You have to wait veeeery long. I recommend you to follow the line you want to go for at least 2-3 stations and hop on. It is much more comfortable in comparison with the waiting hoards

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