Monthly Archive September 2020

Secret Discount Code

You grabbed a hotel discount code ???
Congratulations…. Now you save not only on average 15-20% for your bookings, you can even redeem some extra %%% on your first booking.

If you don´t have a discount code yet, you can use the above 3% as a small gift for your first booking (min. booking amount=10US$), or you can search for another one with some more %%% for your first booking. If this is too much work for you, check out our social media channels like twitter or instagram 😉

How to use this discount code to unlock your secret prices:

1. Click here, search for hotels for the destination of your choice.
2.Click on “Enter Secret Code” button on the top-right, and apply the code to enjoy your special discount.

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Your new inflight entertainment

If you wanna have some fun on your next flight and wanna know more about the secret language of Flight Attendants, here you can find out 😀

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