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The First Hotels & Vacation Rentals Marketplace with 0% commissions!

A blockchain powered marketplace & technology, where travelers can save money, hoteliers and property owners can rent their property globally, collect money and manage bookings without paying any commissions to middlemen.

LockTrip is an Ecosystem and a Marketplace where anyone can enjoy cheaper travel without paying unfair commissions to middlemen that have no added value. LOC can improve our lives by significantly lowering travel expenses and can offer hotel rooms and rentals for an average of 15-20% cheaper than anywhere else.

What problem does LockTrip solve?

LockTrip enters the industry of Online Travel Agencies, dominated by established middlemen like Booking.com and Airbnb.com. Hoteliers and Property owners are forced to use their centralized platforms, paying about 10-25% commission. And according to this, you pay much more for your Hotelroom as you would normally need to do. LockTrip is here to remove this commission and add this value to the customers.

Travelers will be empowered to book the same listings but about 15-20% cheaper, thanks to blockchain technology, skipping the online travel agencies as current middlemen.

Property owners will receive their rent money using LockTrip (LOC) Tokens in a transparent, secure, trustless and commission-less way. They will be able to transfer their existing property listings with a single click, add new ones using a user-friendly panel,manage all listings and improve sales with in-depth data dashboards and analytics by LockTrip.

More details…

LockTrip is the first online travel marketplace with 0% commission.

Here you can book your hotel or accommodation and flights using blockchain technology. Middlemen who demand horrendous fees or commissions without providing added value are therefore superfluous. So you do not have to compare your accommodations or flights in the future any more, but book directly here the cheapest option.

Currently already 520,000 hotels live.
Soon there will be more hotels, apartments and even flights!

LockTrip is an ecosystem and marketplace where anyone can travel more cheaply without paying – as mentioned before – unfair commissions to middlemen who offer no added value at all. LOC can improve our lives by significantly reducing your travel expenses. Among other things, you can pay conveniently, as usual, by credit card and soon with other payment options like PayPal. Or save even more by paying for your accommodation, flights etc. directly via LOC tokens, as this will even eliminate the credit card fees.

Try it yourself, you will rarely be able to book a hotel cheaper elsewhere! Also, you will not find such hotel prices on any standard comparison portal such as trivago, etc., and not even on the hotel website itself!
Why not? Well, through so called “parity rate agreement” contracts, even hotels are forbidden to do that, i.e to list cheaper prices than on these large, well-known travel portals (Booking, Expedia, Airbnb etc.). Although such a practice is now prohibited by law in some European countries, it continues to do so to the detriment of the traveler. Just check it out and compare the “best or cheapest” hotel rates from these mentioned portals with the prices directly on the hotel websites. You will find out that they are identical.

Fortunately, the solution is finally ready with the help of blockchain technology and now offers the possibility for really transparent prices.

In about 90-95% of all cases, you save an average of about 15% -20% on your hotel booking and about 3% -5% on flights. Sometimes, of course, less, but especially in hotels often much more. It depends on many different factors. From the destination area to the hotel category … and even the room categories and cancellation policy should not be ignored.

In a representative comparison, more than 800 hotels worldwide were compared. These were divided into 3 groups (Asia, Europe and USA) with 15 top destinations each. An approximately equal number of 5, 4 and 3 star hotels were randomly selected per destination or city.

As a reference, the best bookable price on booking.com was then used in this comparison to make the most unbiased travel price comparison possible. The price you could book through LockTrip was then compared and compared with Agoda and Booking. As an indication, it was noted that “USA-based” accommodation at LockTrip included the “sales tax”, unlike other travel portals. This is also a very important aspect and can therefore mean more money in savings. Only “tourism fees” and similar resort fees in the US may be due on site. So if you want to test it by yourself, then always look at the final prices on all platforms, i.e before the booking is completed.

This representative comparison thus shows in% how much more expensive the big monopolists (eg Booking + Agoda) were ultimately more expensive than LockTrip.

The reason is quite simple: their added fees and/or commissions!

Here you can find the original comment from LockTrip:

The reason for this is because commission is added on top of the net booking price. This is why its percentage should be calculated based on the net booking price, and not based on the gross price including the commission itself (as that would dilute the commission percentage in the first place)

Although there are currently still some regions in the world where the prices can not be undercut by as many percentage points as on average by LockTrip (such as in Asia), but this will improve from update to update so there are really huge savings wait for you. This is currently the case, especially in hotels of higher categories in Europe or the USA. Savings of about 30-50% are quite common.

Click here if you want to see the full and detailed travel price comparison. It will be provided as a Google Doc.

Register now and create your own account right now, so that you can see the prices in your chosen currency. Without registration, LOC is not allowed to show this because they are too cheap compared to others. After logging in, you will have the price quotation directly in your selected currency. And then you will be thrilled 😀

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