Las Vegas

Las Vegas

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Before you travel to Las Vegas, Monaco, Macau or other sin cities, you should not only check out your gambling skills. You should also check out the savings you can make by booking your accommodation for less to have more funds for fun ;-D

For sure, you have already most of the information you need for this Sin City, if not you will find them by Google 😉

Here I show you some facts according to “How to travel-4-less”.
Pure, raw and cold numbers…

So here we go.
Two examples of high rated hotels on The Strip, where you can save your hard earned money and spend it for other activities and for more fun. You can see by yourself how much the “big ones” are asking for, and even the hotel itself offers only the same! And when you wanna know why, here are some facts about commissions, rate parity agreements and more.

1: The Mirage Hotel, 5 nights from 21st – 26th July 2019 in Resort Tower Room – savings: 113$ = about 15%

2: The Mandalay Bay, 5 nights from 21st – 26th July 2019 in Elite King Suite – savings: 246$ = more than 30%

Now it is your turn to: >>> travel-4-less to Las Vegas

Your savings are looking forward to being spent here 😉

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