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Manatees in Florida

Sweeties under water…

If you like to be in water, if you like animals and if you like to have a once in a lifetime experience, then you should swim with Manatees.

In Florida, it is possible to do this trips around Crystal River, where this sweeties have their “home base”, escpecially when the water of the ocean becomes colder. The rivers and warm water springs around Crystal River and Homosassa are still warm and provide the Manatees a habitation for relaxing. In this warm shallow waters of estuaries, rivers, coastal areas and bays, you will find for sure your personal experience with Manatees.

While Crystal River has about 40-50 resident manatees throughout the year, the numbers vary significantly in different months. There are fewer manatees in the summer than other months. The best months to swim with manatees in that area are between November and April when a large number of manatees (400-500) are crowded around the mentioned warm water springs and migrate to Crystal River. There are more manatees there in December, January and February than in any other time, but you will still have a top notch experience in the months of March and April. Water is also very clear during these months, making it much easier to locate and swim with the manatees. For the best experiences, midweek trips (Tuesday through Thursday) and early in the morning tours (6:30 to 8:30 a.m.) are ideal as the springs are less crowded. Manatees are also very active and playful in the morning.

Make sure to take all this informations into account when planning your trip to swim with Manatees.

It is only a short ride from the Tampa Bay Area with a lot of affordable accomodiations. Even from Orlando it is worth for a trip to Crystal River.

Manatees @ Crystal River – © by travel-4-less.com

Be as relaxed as the Manatees while you are in the water…
Listen as they communicate and graze plants off the ground.

Your Manatee-Adventure

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More Manatee fun and facts…

Manatees @ Crystal River – © by travel-4-less.com

Do Manatees fart?

Of course they do 😀

They even use their farts to swim. If you get a chance to watch manatees for a few minutes, you’ll notice how effortlessly they rise and sink in water. You’ll also notice an incessant bubbling up on their hindquarters as they sink into the water. So why are they doing this?
Here is the explanation: “Manatees do not have swim bladders to help regulate their buoyancy and stay horizontal in the water column. Several things help, including the dense ribs located towards the front of the body and no hind limbs. Another method used with great results is actually flatulence. Manatees release or store gasses in their system to drop or rise at will.”

So… yep. Manatees really use their farts to swim. An adult manatee will eat between 100 and 150 pounds of vegetation each day which means a lot of methane builds up inside. If they want to float to the top they hold it in and if they want to sink they let it rip.

I don’t suggest you try this method of swimming at home and for sure not in public swimming pools. But if you like to do some hidden experiments, then do it on your own risk 😉

Here is an inspiration for you of an epic Manatee fart 😀

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Are you ready for your Manatee-Adventure? Of cours, you are 😉

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