Tomorrow... Finally...

My Road Trip

Tomorrow… Finally…

Yehaaaa….finally my road trip (USA & CANADA) begins tomorrow.
Starting and ending is in Los Angeles.
My task: to have a f…ing great trip for a few weeks 😀
That´s the good message…for me 😀 The not so good one is, that I will not carry my notebook with me as I first thought. It is a big gaming notebook and needs too much space. I have to carry other more important stuff with me like my action cam, my drone and so on.
So the full story of my trip I can only show later…unfortunately.

Nevertheless, you can follow my Instagram where I will update regularly at least a few pics/videos that will make you a little bit envious 😀

Maybe I can (and then I will) write at least a very few posts for this blog on my smartphone, because I will test the WordPress app. But don´t expect too much. I don´t know if it will work.

The only thing I can now say is, that for this trip I made a few fantastic savings with LockTrip on hotels, especially in Las Vegas. I will show this later, for sure. And I will also show what I will do or what I did with that savings 😀

So follow me on IG a few thousand miles in the west of the North American continent for a few weeks. I´ll show you my world and for sure some awesome footage.

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