Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Travel-4-less.com The future of traveling
The future of traveling

Follow me to the future of traveling…

Don´t waste your precious time and money by comparing hotel prices, chasing for coupons to get a discount or trying to grab a so called “super-mega-travel-deal”.
From now, it is no more necessary. You can and you will save more than you ever expect. It´s time to beat the big monopolists like booking.c.., expedia, airbnb etc. and their commissions. Because as a middleman, they get your money for no really additional value. But now you can book your dream hotel, your home or your flights without paying unnecessary commisions to middleman.

Blockchain-Technology makes traveling affordable again !

As a passionate traveler, I will show you here more and more examples of how you can save your hard earned money by using this websites while traveling, so that you can spend more for fun. Mainly I will give you some recommendations for accomodations, but sometimes also for flights and attractions. Of course you can book your stays and flights as you already did elsewhere by just using your credit card. Or you can book and pay directly in LOC, so that you can even save the credit card fees.
The big difference is, that you have to pay less at all. Because with blockchain-powered booking options, you only pay what you really get 😀
But no worry, it is not necessary that you are familiar with all that blockchain stuff. As already mentioned, you can book like elsewhere by using your credit card (and soon more paying options like paypal). All that tech stuff will happen in the background that you not even will notice it.

The only things that you will notice for sure, are the awsome and amazing savings you can made. So come on and follow me to the future of traveling 😉

I will share not only my experiences with you of different travel destinations, I will also share on my blog my previous and current trips and activities with some pics and informations, so that you can try it out by yourself and have some extra fun while traveling.

Check out the latest news or hotel tips and informations of different travel related stories or send me your recommendations and your savings you made by using LockTrip and this website.

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